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Catfish Bait

Did you know that catfish are attracted to kool-aide.  The best we have used, is fruit punch mixed in a bag full of chicken cubes.  Let soak in fridge for a few hours. Then go catch the big ones.  Seriously…be ready, we have caught many 10 lb. plus blues this way.  The lemon aide works well also, a close second. If you don’t want to waste good chicken. I have used road kill deer, just about every other game meat scrap. They all work well, if fact all about the same as chicken.  Venison Liver is excellent also for blues, channel, and ops! . So go grab a large tube of Kool aide, and turn those freezer burned chicken breasts into big cat fish.  A little warning this bait doesn’t seem to discriminate.  We have caught cats, carp, yellow bass, sand bass, and stripers on this stuff. Although the cats are the most prevalent.  Good luck, and post in the comments on how well it worked for you!!!!!

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