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Jake’s Meatloaf

 Jake’s Meatloaf

2lbs – Lean Ground Beef 80-20 or 90-10 or fine ground Venison (Cheap meat will produce a lot of grease in pan)

1/2 sleeve – Saltine Crackers finely crushed. (Bigger meatloaf more crackers 1/2 sleeve per 2 pounds)


1 – White Onion Medium size finely chopped

2 – Large Eggs (Bigger meatloaf add more eggs one egg per pound)

1/4cup – A-1 Steak sauce

1/4cup – Worcestershire sauce

1tsp – McCormick Italian herb in Garlic Pepper

1tsp – McCormick California Style in White Onion and Parsley

2tsp – Grill Mates Monterey Steak seasoning

1tsp – Garlic salt

1tsp – Basil Leaves

1tsp – Garlic Powder

1tbsp – Parsley Flakes



In a large mixing bowl add the meat, Eggs and onion, mix together with hands.

Add the A-1 and Worcestershire sauce, mix together with hands.

Add Crackers and all other seasonings and mix well together.

Place in a Glass loaf pan and cover in Saran wrap.

Place in refrigerator overnight to marinade.


Set out one hour before cooking to get to room temperature, Place in a 350deg F oven for one hour. After one hour remove from oven and pour excess grease off and add Ketchup to the top off the meatloaf and place back into oven for 15 more minutes.


Jacob Kolojaco

Jacob is a great friend of ours at Huson Outdoors.  He contributes many informative posts and is an excellent cook of wild game.  

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