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Duck Hunting Lake Livingston Report

Lucky for this one we already had a Limit

Wow!!! For those of you that braved the elements Saturday the opener was hit and miss.  Their were lots of birds, but even more hunters. We arrived to the blind at 2am to find a group sitting there already. Moved to a second blind in antisipation of the opener.  By the time first light creeped over the horizon, we were welcomed to big flights of birds, unfortunately, for us most were busted at high altitude by the droves of hunters encircling our location.  By sunrise the rain began to fall,  kinda reminded me of how Forest Gump described the rain in Vietnam.  Wind and Heavy rain made the second flight pretty dismal, and a rain soaked crew packed it in at about 10am.

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  1. What the heck happened on Sunday. After a wet opener we had anticipation for sunday to be some of the best waterfowling ever. As the sun rose we sat among the other 30 groups hunting 15000 acres of prime habitat. The first shot finally rang out at 7 am. We sat for nearly an hour before we saw anything even think about decoying. I asked myself, Is this really happening? I sat this same spot on friday scouting and had 100’s of teal, mallard, gadwall, and ringnecks. All day long, today nothing but one group of teal at skybuster range. Seemed like everyone was packing up by 8am. This includes us. Unbelievable, 1000s of birds vanished in two days and nothing moved on the cold front. If this trend continues we will be having a long season my friends.

  2. Well, ducks this season have been pretty consistent. If you do your scouting, and understand what the ducks want, you should be able to find shots at 10-12 every day. Although, if people continue to hunt the evening roost past shooting hours, it will get beyond poor very quickly. See, I’m not saying it’s impossible to hunt the roost legally, but large percentage and bags, are very difficult. The high waters have pushed out much of the mast crops, so the birds are eating elsewhere. They still use lake Livingston to sleep and rest in large numbers. Until, people stir the roost up. This makes them leave, and not come back. Kinda, selfish if you ask me. Instead, of 50 hunters have shots at many birds. One group of hunters has shots at very few legal birds.

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