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Lake Livingston Texas Fishing Reports

Hey guys the white bass have been strong in the creeks and tributaries on the lake.  As usual slabs, jigs, rooster tails are sure bets.  As of Saturday the fishing was spotty but consistent.   With after light rain being better than normal.  I’ve taken quite a few on the fly rod,  with our small silver spoon fly.  The catfish are steady.  With more and more showing up at the spawning areas.  We’ve seen many 20+ pounds reeled in over the last week or so.  The Stripers, are awesome if you can find them.  We have had luck with fresh shad carolina rigged on the bottom.  This tactic works best at first light, and dusk.  You can pick them up in the lights at night with a slow rolled rattle trap.  White seems best.  We haven’t had much time to chase crappie, but I’m sure the slabs are starting to heat up also.  My favorite spot for them is the submerged lights at night. Use a small yellow or white 1/4 – 3/8 jig with curly tail. I like to rig more than one with a dropper system.  Slowly tapping bottom, will surely produce some crappie and a slue of whites, yellows, maybe the occasional op. Good luck, and feel free to contribute.

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  1. Over the past few days the rain has been constant. All the runoff and drainage should muddy up the water, but also raise the water in the creeks. The whites, large mouth and crappie fishing should be excellent in the days coming. Catfishing has been slow the last few days off the docks and jetti. Yet we did manage to land a couple of 5 lb blues through the storm. While testing some of our trolling lures we hooked a couple of small stripers about 14 inches long. Watch the dam, for when the gates close back down, the main lake should wake up. Today we threw a cork out to see the current flow. It was moving at about 1 knot against a 3 knot breeze. The first shad are starting to move in. Expect stripers to run the ridge lines just off shore in the early morning hours. Live shad carolina rigged is my favorite here. Don’t worry if the shad dies, they will still hit it. If the stripers are thick and you have enough people to make a mess of them possible. Switching some poles to small live brim, can bring in the big ones. I like to gut the first 24 incher and examine it’s stomach. Just remember to leave the fish intact and on board or you could have problems with the wardens. The content of the stomach will give you idea of what you need. Believe it or not my best day on stripers last year was with crawfish. After finding two in a belly. We quickly went to the ditches hunting crawfish for bait. Limited in a hour. Love this lake and all it’s surprises. 🙂

  2. As of Tuesday March 10th the lake is at maximum levels due to all the rain. The River is as high as I have seen it in along time. Some small shad running around 5am in the rocks. Catfish slow. Yellow Bass plentiful as well as perch no problem catching all you want. Use worms or Jakeo’s koolaid chicken. Tried chicken hearts and liver last night and had a couple good hits before dark but came up empty handed.

  3. There are a few Shad starting to show up as of 3/18/2015 but the lake is still at max capacity and there is a lot of trash coming down from north end of lake to the south end. It should only be a short time before the lake turns over and the Catfish, White Bass and the Stripers start there spring run. I believe all we need is a few more days of warm weather and less rain.

  4. Well as of this weekend the Shad have started moving in both in the mornings around 6am and in the evening around 5pm. we caught some nice catfish in shallow waters about 3ft under Bobbers. The catfish are working structure like Rocks or Stumps.

  5. So, it seems that we have seen the worst of the rainy season. The north side of the lake is seeing strong numbers of whites, crappie, and catfish. The south side of the lake the catfish are warming up, with big blues and op’s able to be caught daily. Shad seems to be the best thing going currently. Look for the shad a sunrise and sunset to be pushed into the bank in large numbers. You can cast net or dip net them easily. For the person that needs more than a few dozen, take you boat out and find them with your sonar after dark. I’ve had the best luck in water 10 to 20ft deep. Once located cast net and let drop deep. I’ve pulled in hauls of over a 100 at a time. Which fits the bill for the hungry jug line I’ve been running. Drum have been easy picking also. These guys make great cut bait for trot lines or large alligator gar. Best fishing for cats has been sunrise, mid day, and about 4pm. South end of the lake, the crappie have been really shallow and sparse. Live minnows always work, but yellow jigs have worked also, with the added excitement of a white bass here and there. Water temp was 68 this evening, which means the whites should be coming down in short order. I’ve found a few schools on the humps, but they have been tight lipped. Kastmaster spoon has worked best, followed by bomber slab in chrome. Fly fishing has been slow, with only a handful of fish taken. As the lake warms up in the next week or so it should get pretty darn exciting. Good luck and tight lines

  6. April 14th 2015,
    Shad are plentiful on the south end of the lake. Catfish are starting there spring run. Catching Catfish in shallows and Rock groins and stumps early mornings. Catfish doing great on Noodles fished with cut bait like large Shad, Carp and fresh water Drum.

  7. GET THE NET!!!! The white bass are in the south lake and have been for a week or so. All the rain has them pretty upset, and not as strong as normal in all the hot spots. The hump, lump, and walker lake have been steady, but over all weak. The south east side of pine island has been great, as well as all the way around. River has been too high to get in for me. I assume they are there also. As normal rocky rip rap, sandy points, and fresh water drain spots have been great fishing. Fishing the lights at night has been the best fishing. Throw just about anything to catch em, but slabs, spoons, and spinners work best. If you hear a boat with a thumper get close or find another spot. Chances are the fish are under them. You can thump them up with an old walking stick or cane tapped on the bottom of the boat. Catfish has been easy picking with shad, Stripers have been good on live shad early in the morning. Crappie has been slow, with them holding in either deep water schools or really shallow water. Drum has been easy picking in shallow water especially around rip rap. Now is the time to enjoy the lake to the fullest. The weekends the lake is really busy, burn a couple sick days and enjoy the lake during the week…you’ll be glad you did. 🙂

  8. Whites are just about everwhere in the south lake. Hot spots are pine island,the hump,lump and most sandy points. You can throw just about anything at them when they are schooling up shad near the surface. Trolling our “Corky divers” with a pair of pet spoons has a tendency to bring them in two at a time. Jet divers and hell benders work also. Chrome pet spoons with yellow feathers work best. The striper fishing has been great also. Look for them to be schooled up in open water mixed in with whites. For best results throw something large, 1 ounce saltwater jigs and large topwaters work well, large slabs arent too shabby either. Carolina rigging some live shad or slip cork live shad when you have a good spot, works excellent. Watch for birds working large schools and drift up on them. Be careful not to get too close as they will dive and turn the bite off. Catfish have been fair, with holes and ridges doing the best. I like suspended crawfish this time of year, but shad and worms work well also. Crappie has been excellent if you can find them. They have been really shallow this year, but difficult to find large groups. Below the dam has been excellent. Good luck and get out there, this is the best time of year to fish the lake. Don’t have a boat? Book a trip with us and we will help you fill your freezer!

  9. The lake has been almost unfishable this last week. The water has been really high and the consistency of chocolate milk. Today the tra is finally making headway at lowering water, and with the calmer winds the lake is beginning to settle back out. I haven’t been out today, but suspect the whites and catfish to come on strong again in the next few days. The full moon should provide some great night fishing for cats and crappie, with the occasional striper.

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