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Okay, where to start.  We are getting a bunch of advertisers that want to boost the site.  Here at Full Circle Outdoors and Huson Outfitting we feel that we are all about the old ways of doing things.  Bow Hunting, fly fishing, rare cuts of meat, vintage recipes and limit wantan (sp?) waste.  To us it’s not about cnc lathes, plastic molded lures, or millions produced.   It’s about getting your mind and hands involved in a product you can put your heart into. Sure we most surely won’t get rich quick, maybe will never reach the term “rich” monetary, yet we will spend time with our families and lay our heads down at night with clear mind, body, and spirit.  This is (in our opinion) worth more than any amount of money, and to us fulfills the term “wealth” exponentially.

With our less expensive duck calls, we use plastic tone boards, not because they are affordable, which they aren’t, but because we have not achieved a quality/ quantity standard from our hand turned tone boards.  Essentially, for every perfect one, there are ten that don’t meet our standards.  We will not sell something we wouldn’t use, plain and simple.  Our poly tone board is in our opinion perfect every time, and until we can produce ( which we will) a perfect hand turned tone board, we will only offer them on our custom, one off calls.

That being said, the point here is entirely different than that soapbox, for which I was just standing.  We do want to sell our products and services, but more over we want to educate and entertain the wonderful people, that enjoy the outdoors.  We would love to help clients, subscribers, and other businesses grow their business through our blog.  If you have a legitimate business (web or brick and mortar) and wish to barter for recognition on this site or blog. We would love to speak with you about it.

A. Advertising agencies, marketing companies and the like, we are not interested so please let’s not waste each other’s efforts. We believe in word of mouth and product quality to ensure steady growth. Surely we will not grow overnight, and that’s fine with us.  We will grow with morals, values, and great subscribers, like business has been done for hundreds of years.

B.  Please don’t just try to place url’s in your name’s/posts to drive people to your sites/stores.  We will either edit your post or trash it. Sorry for this, but it is a sure way to taint our first impression of your company or business.

C. We are not asking for money, just if you want your business to be recognized here,

1. You pass it through us first.

2. You reciprocate with either product placement, ad space, or some other networking for us.  This could be in your store, on your site, or be creative we will listen.

3.  We will have paid advertising spots on our pages in the near future, and have the capabilities now. If you are Interested please let us know.  We would be happy to talk with you.

Basically, we won’t do sly, mischievous, or anything that will taint our reputation.  In the end, you reputation is the only thing that will last.  Please understand, we are not trying to be gruff, or speaking with any sort of malice here.  Just in recent days have seen quite a rise in sly activities from companies trying to promote themselves.  We definitely would love to help you out, but please let’s talk about it first.  Contact:

Looking forward to doing business with you (the old fashioned way),


James Huson

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