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Why we don’t hunt?

If you hunt and fish you should take the time to pat yourself on the back.  Over all in the United States hunting and fishing, even as a hobby, has been on the decline.  Over 33 states actively record declining license sales over the last few years. Some, like Massachusetts, at an alarming rate, like 50%. The question is why?  What in the world has caused, the once way of life for many, to become a hobby or even extinct?  Is it development, ethics, socialist taboos.. world markets? What in the world has changed our mind on procuring our own food for the table.

My answer might surprise you. I believe all those above, might play a hand in it, but overall it’s boils down to two environmental factors that stem the rest.  Money being the first and foremost.  Yes, Money the technically imaginary thing we spend the majority of our lives trying to either make, save, protect, or use.  It’s mind boggling if you think about how much of your life you have devoted to Money.  How many Thousands of hours have you spent pondering something that has to do with Money?  I mean, really think about it, for most Americans,  life simply revolves around this imaginary, tangible item that, some believe, you simply can not have acquire to much. Imaginary?  Yes, it is tangible… you can hold it, tear it, bathe in it, heck I suppose you could eat it if you wanted.  Yet, the idea or the value of money is not tangible.  The value of money is not necessarily even controllable. Ok, wait you say, the FED makes the money and they control the supply which in turn controls the demand.  I call B.S. on this, in fact they do control how much is made, but if it wasn’t advertised what they were making, the actual effect to the population would be so minimal and slow it wouldn’t be felt.  War, World Commerce, and most anything else all have to be advertised for the effect to take place.

Side bar on this and I’ll get back to the fishing and hunting, I promise.  So lets say farmer A and farmer B both sell banana’s. Farmer A buy’s in bulk from a world market for 50% less than farmer B can grow them.(We won’t get into why he can do this) If farmer A sold his product at fair-market value, than farmer B’s banana are worth the same and have lost no value. Farmer A would have a huge surplus of product (considering the market is balanced and farmer B produces his full market share).  Yet if Farmer A brings his product to market at 50% less than Farmer B all of a sudden Farmer B banana’s are worth 50% less.  The banana’s are the money, and the value is imaginary.  Simply economics 101 you might say, yet some might be scratching their head at the ideas.  Keep this in mind as we move forward.

Well, you say how does this tie to hunting and fishing.  In my opinion, when we are born, we have one purpose in life, to live and reproduce to ensure that life is everlasting.  For most Americans, though, this is not necessarily true. Life is about, how big your house is, how nice a car your drive,  what your status is on social media, what movie is on T.V. …. this list could go on and on.   All are these are far and away from,”What is Mother Earth going to provide us… for food, water, and Shelter today?” So we go to work to procure money it allows people to trust others to procure the food for them.

Another sidebar here, is that the people that are getting paid to produce the food are doing it mainly for money.  This opens the door for questionable food safety. An example is cheese that is almost Plastic.

Americans have enjoyed arguably an easy lifestyle for a few generations now, and the tried and true methods are becoming more of a distant memory.

Okay, so money is number 1, but work ethic is number two.  Or maybe I should say Laziness.  Back to money for a second.  Truly, you are what you eat and we eat a bunch of fat lazy cows, that like to do nothing but eat, sleep, drink and well produce large piles of excrement.   Sadly, I believe this describes some people I know.  This work ethic thing goes deeper than that.  We all…( except those that procure 100% of their own food,water, and shelter )are part of this group.  Why didn’t you go fishing today, hunting, gardening? If you did why don’t you do it every day?  If you asked me I’d say, “I didn’t have the time.”  “I had to get up, get kids off to school, go to work, do extra curricular activities….”  I’d have a ton of excuses, but all of them are just that, Excuses.  Excusing my behavior, explaining away why I didn’t go and do 1 of the 4 things my creator put before me.  My work ethic while might be full and busy, is not full of the priorities of life, for which matter to my families survival.

If you don’t have a ways or means to fish or hunt (lets say b/c your ancestors never taught you, or no one taught them, or maybe you were too busy playing x box to listen stay tuned here. Over the next few weeks we will help you find ways to truly become a provider and not a just participant in life.



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